Top 10 Travel Clothes Items | Stylish travel Clothes

Today I am sharing Top 10 Travel Clothes ItemsĀ  I cannot live without and I take on every single trip no matter what see.

Top 10 Travel Clothes Items  Stylish travel Clothes
Top 10 Travel Clothes Items | Stylish travel Clothes

So my travel and packing videos or some of our most requested videos and I was preparing for an upcoming trip at the end of next month and I thought about this all right another recent trip that you know what I bring the same core things with me on almost every trip and it makes it so much easier because I don’t have to think about it than I do have a packing list that are run down through just to make sure I don’t forget everything but because I always take these core pieces with me it just makes packing a lot easier and then of course you know depending on the event or what kind of trip it is then I will share my outfits and other items around it but these are the things that always go with me and I thought you know what this might be helpful to share this is also something to I feel like a fun always bringing them with me I’m not going to forget I’m not going to get somewhere and forget that one key item like a T. shirt or something crazy like that because I’m always bring that so number one is a teacher I almost always bring a white tee shirt and a great teacher with me if you guys watch my most worn items in my closet media you know that those are two items that I were over and over because you can just pair them with so many things for us and not dressing down they’re just a great basic and a teacher special trip if you want to throw a jacket worst car for something over it he can elevate your outfit a little bit instead of just looking you know like a basic teacher or something I always bring lounge where because especially on vacation like a longer trip or anytime I’m in a hotel room I like to get ready and lounge wear so after shower if I’m not immediately going out I mean you know putting on my clothes what I’m gonna wear that day I like to be in lounge where to do my make up my hair and then I’ll get ready later specially if it’s like an evening out I like to have a lounge where putting on you know again make up in here and then I’ll get dressed.

Put on a dress because I’m not gonna sit around in a fancy outfit doing those things a sweater or sweatshirt one of the teeth sometimes I bring both and when I mean a sweater it’s usually like a long thin like fly away kind of car again that may be something I wear on the airplane or it may just be something I have to throw on in a room with chillier thrown at night going out if it’s chilly I always bring something like that I will always bring a very light weight sweat shirt I like fins what shirts so I can layer with them I speak thins more fitted sweatshirts look nicer or not so like from be looking you know you can do all kind of things with accessories and things to make them you know look like a cute outfit so I almost always have one or the other if not both with me there flip flops this is again something depending you know if you’re going on a resort vacation that’s a no brainer bring full phlox because you want that for going to the pool or something I bring them because it’s just a quick pair shoes if you need to run down the hall and get something again ran down the street to get a coffee or something I just feel like it’s one of those you need a pair of flip flops are nice pair cute sandals that you can just slip your feet into real quick going to breakfast that’s probably one of my number one’s with me as a pair of flip flops so I always bring a pair of Nike running shorts now I’m not a runner I don’t like to run but again this kind of is that interchangeable with some lounge pants or you could say lounge pants joggers whatever you want that’s comfortable I always bring a pair of Nike running shorts because depending on where work out more of like it’s a weekend stare visiting family or something maybe all want to take a short walk you know around the block or you know again and ran out to get coffee or breakfast in the morning so again you have that teacher you can throw on with pants depending on you know if it’s cool or not or thrown on you know with your Nike running shorts and you know you’re not working out but you look like it feels.

Pulled together to go somewhere in a hurry if you want before like the day’s events to get dressed I often use those it’s kind of like my lounging to specially for on a cruise I almost always have those shorts that all lounge around the ship then or you know something similar like that I just always have those with me a scarf so this is something two reasons why I bring this on an airplane I have a scarf unusual bring like a longer wide one that I could cover up with almost like a lightweight blanket so this is great for airplane I also put it when I’m caring my never full it’s something I pack on top of my never full so that when you’re going through security on the conveyor belt nothing spills out so kinda houses everything in there I always put everything in individual bags in my never full I don’t have a problem with that but just a tip put a scarf over top of it so that way nothing falls out I also like a scarf Mrs come in handy in a hotel room or again on vacation anywhere where you’re just a little bit chilly and maybe you don’t have a travel blanket or don’t want to mess up the better actually get on the covers but you just want something on your legs I found a scarf works great for that again I Kerry like a great big one with me that’s kind of medium thin to medium way and it works great for that so I put down comfy pants and this is what my husband I call them comfy pants comfy shorts things you can lounge around and I don’t know about you guys I think most people are this way but we cannot sit around the house and watch TV in like regular class like I might have my teacher my regular top on we’re always having comfy pants where that lounge pants pajama pants whatever you want to call them we always make sure we have that as and so your lounge pants can be something more like a job or something nice maybe even sent me want to travel and that you can wear out again down to breakfast down the street for coffee and it doesn’t look frumpy your comfy pants are normally like a step below that those could be your sweat pants or.

Or again you’re damn pants they may have stuff on them you know little bears for whatever just something comfy to lounge around in exactly what they are comfy bed I will always bring a pair of tennis shoes with me as well again depending on the trip if it’s a really short trip by may not but I will always have this with me again for taking long walks maybe want to explore the city a little bit and you need some comfortable shoes but you’re not going to be like dressed up or out shopping or something something comes to mind when my husband I go to Indiana and visit relatives we stay in a hotel and we like to walk around downtown that’s where you know the lounge pants the Nike shorts the teacher at the tennis shoes come in handy usually we do this after breakfast organic feel like we’re on vacation or saving a cruise we may want to walk around the ship and they see you know I always have those tennis shoes with me so this is a good idea and definitely if you’re somebody that is playing are working out or running then obviously that would be something you’d want to bring with you I always bring up their socks the one time I forgot I had to use isn’t so course thirteen big but one time we went to Florida I’ll never forget and I’ve always been brought socks with me but here and there I might not because you know especially if you’re going to Florida or someplace warm you’re like one of my any talks for I don’t wear socks in my tennis shoes or all we’re very thin no show so they’re not really for warmth so I bring the socks just a regular pair of like little thirty socks I’m not bringing you know great big long up your knee socks but I like to bring her socks because one from my feet cold that’s something with have and hypothyroidism it seems like no matter how good your levels get your hands and your feet always cold at least still for me and for my husband so I like to have a pair of socks because if my feet get called I cannot sleep and we were on vacation once in a hotel in Florida and it’s not like the room felt real cold but I was.

It’s really extra cold for some reason and I could not get to sleep because my feet were called how to borrow her socks from my husband so now I just always make sure have socked it was something I was in a long time ago and kind of got out of it now I make sure I bring a pair I also at least bring one pair of jeans so if I’m flying I usually don’t fly in June sometimes ID because sometimes I have comfortable jeans and if it’s you know not very long flight then I definitely will always bring a pair of jeans because it’s just such a transitional outfit I feel like with a pair of jeans you can put just a tee shirt and jeans if it’s something casual you can put a blazer over a T. shirt jeans and then you’ve got a nice outfit for maybe going to dinner you can put a nice top earnings button on top with a pair of jeans and then now you’ve got your office so I always make sure I bring it least one pair of jeans typically I bring to bear I will have like just a regular night something I know looks good with everything my standard go to gene and then I’ll probably bring a white pair if it’s like spring or summer so that I can just get some different outfit options but always a pair of jeans and then this may be crazy I’m not talking about those must have you know like bras and underwear I mean obviously we need to bring as but I didn’t want to bring up a strapless brawl now some of you may just think when you’re planning out your outfit those talks and things for me my mind automatically goes to you and especially five warrant for one of my going to wear intimates what do I need under me so I always just in case bring a strapless bra and I do good questions all the time on my Instagram and from outfit videos action specially cruise office what struggles brought I wear because it’s obviously some things that that’s what I wear I have to do that I really like and I will leave those for you below one is more comfortable but depending on the outfit sometimes it doesn’t look the best so that’s why I have to you but I wanted to mention that because that’s something you don’t want to be stuck somewhere like specially if you’re wearing a Cammy.

Or just a sleeveless or something that you’d see Ross straps and you’re like oh my gosh I forgot now I’m stuck with like a black role or just even a new broad but you can see it I always just for about struggles Braun there just in case my mine’s not working right want to plan out my outfit I know I have it I would love to know what your eyes must have clothing items are when you travel something along these lines you know not like the basics that we all like I said kind of no you have to take that those things that you have to travel with better clothing items let me know in the comments below if you’re not already subscribed please do so so you don’t miss any future videos I’d love to have you back thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch I really appreciate it and we’ll see you next video by.