What to wear on bridal shower | Bridal shower dressing

Good morning everyone welcome back I hope you’re having a wonderful day with the recent information on a wedding in wearing wear bridal shower Q. NA videos that I have done as well as the video on how to properly read and respond or RSVP to an invitation I had a common thread of some questions come through one of them was how to dress for a wedding which is wonderful because I have a blog post that I did in the past on tips for how to dress for a wedding I

what to wear on bridal shower
what to wear on bridal shower

will have the blog post linked below I will also have it in my corresponding blog post which you can get to on the top link in the drop down box but another pattern of questions that I’ve had in it’s not the first time I have been presented with this question was how do you dress for a bridal or baby shower in fact quite recently I replied to that question from my ask Tracy form on my website where you guys leave your questions and I answer them on my insta stories I had answered it there we also talked about in the wedding Q. NA that I had done with the sister effect from their YouTube channel I will have all of those resources link below today I do want to talk a little bit about how to dress for eighty bridal or baby shower in a couple different things to look at number one I am wearing a beautiful dress today as you can see in the photos that I am sharing this is such a feminine in lady like dress I love the colors in it I love the floral prints I love the flow to this dress I love the car I love the little cut out shoulders there are so many wonderful details to this dress I think it is the most perfect dress for a bridal or baby shower this is exactly what I picked this dress up for was for a bridal shower one of the things that I want to share about choosing what to wear to a shower is that it does not have to be a two.

Russ you can wear a skirt you can wear a pantsuit in I think a jumpsuit is beautiful and very appropriate as well what you want to steer clear of when you are dressing for a shower is it is not the same as going to an evening wedding or wedding reception I believe that when you dress for a wedding or wedding reception it’s going to be more formal and it can show possibly a little bit more skin maybe be a little bit more form fitting again we’re talking evening attire generally showers are during the day sometimes it’s even a brunch and I feel like more of a feminine dress is the most appropriate or a feminine jumpsuit or a pant suit don’t over analyze it in if you ever think that you are over dressed here on the fact that you probably are not a lot of times people will think they’re over dressed when they’re actually under dressed so air air on the over dressed versus the under dressed for sure what I am going to do to help you today is I am going to put several links below a different dresses that you can choose from that are good examples of what I would wear to a bridal or baby shower I think after you click through the links you will find plenty of options and really what it will do is educate you on what would be appropriate to wear the dress that I am wearing today is actually from rent the runway I am sure many of you have heard of this company and basically what it is is a place that you can shop online where you can rent clothing from you can rent anything from casual to dressy you can rent assessor res I have a ring on today that I actually rented as well to go with this beautiful dress that I am wearing it is analysts all of the things that you can run from there the details are wonderful and the other thing that I like is they will send you two sizes.

As of a garment you only pay for one but they choose to sizes in that way you can try it on and see which one fits you the best you can also see pictures of other people wearing the dress of not just models in they will give a write up of what their thoughts of the dress was and how it fits them or different tips that you want to pay attention to in this is that every single piece that you pull up it makes it very easy to do your shopping for me I chose the extra small is my first choice in the small in this particular dress that I am wearing.

The extra small actually fit me better but because I am Basti in my bust size is larger than what the rest of my body would be I had to go with the small so I am so glad that I got both of the sizes I also love the fact that I could find a beautiful ring in the other thing on the website is it will give suggestions of different items that you can put with it and that’s how I found the ring was it was a suggestion so I really am impressed I love how everything comes it’s very easy to follow the instructions a lot of the links that I provide below are going to be from rent the runway because I feel like it is such a wonderful opportunity for you to have a very well quality made piece of clothing in an affordable price I rented the particular dress that I’m wearing today for thirty dollars I could never buy a dress like that and the thing is is it’s nice to change what we wear from one event to the next so that’s what makes renting a dress for a piece of clothing more enticing than maybe purchasing one I totally love the option I will be utilizing it a lot another thing with my daughter recently getting engaged in knowing that she will have a wedding here within the next couple years there will be many times in many events that I will need to dress for as well as her sisters will on top of that so it’ll be a perfect thing for us to utilize because there’s so many different options so I highly recommend that you check out rent the runway the link is provided below also check out all of the links that I provided for you to get an idea of what I would choose if I were looking for something to wear to a bridal or baby shower on many different options I did include other things besides just dresses there’s nothing wrong if you are uncomfortable showing a little leg my sister doesn’t like to wear dresses she would be more of your pants suit or jump suit so I gave plenty of options thank.

You for joining me today don’t forget to check out the links in the drop-down box below as well as on the blog post where I share several different options that you can choose from dresses to jumpsuit if you don’t like showing legs I have something for everybody pantsuits you name it I also have them where I talk about what to wear different tips on how to dress for a wedding so you will be ready to go for the showers again the weddings are right the next video happy shopping take care.