What to wear on date | Dressing in wedding

What’s everyone my name is Alex costs and I get so many messages from you guys about dates and specifically first dates that I decided to dedicate this whole video on what you should wear to your first day and that’s because the first one is the most important date if the first one doesn’t go well there won’t be a second or third so you have to go above and beyond on this one so first things first to choose the right outfit for the state you need to research the place

What to wear on date
What to wear on date Dressing in wedding

where this is all happening if you go to a park if it’s a picnic kind today in your outfit is gonna be different than if you were going to a fancy restaurant right let’s go over the different outfits that I would suggest for different occasions first the casual fun outdoor date this is if you’re going for a stroll in the park or maybe you’re going to a sports game or you’re going to get some food or you’re going to a casual coffee shop in the city the trick here is to wear something comfortable with that shows off your best features the white teacher for example is just fine but he needs to fit you really well you can’t be loose on the arms and on the torso you should hug your body properly to show off your arms and your chest and if you go into a sports game please feel free to represent that team all right just be careful with how much team you’re you’re wearing don’t go with the Jersey the hacked the bracelet the towel and everything else pick one or two items and that’s it and as for jerseys be really careful because they can be really baggy and that doesn’t look good at all so make sure yours fits you properly go for slim fit jeans or chinos on the bottom because that will fit you right okay if you’re going somewhere trendy you want to look the part slimmer skinny jeans are gonna make you look taller and slimmer and if you’re going for short you can do that but please do not wear cargo shorts all right you want to wear nice slim shorts that how you guys aren’t too tight in please guys unless you’re going to play basketball and your date do not wear basketball shorts ever after shoes you want something comfortable but it can’t be your broken in workouts sneakers just because.

The most comfortable sneakers you own try white leather shoes like these here if you’re going to the park for the game and tried Chelsea boots if you’re going to a coffee shop Joseph was greater help you stand out from the rest because most guys who actually just wear sneakers or ugly popular shoes and Joseph goods will definitely grab your dates attention but don’t think their output is done now they’re wearing a T. shirt jeans and shoes that is just the base we need to build on that to make sure that you look on point if you go to a sports game anywhere in a solid T. instead of a team Jersey the rock a team hacked especially if you’re due for a hair cut or maybe you’re just having a bad hair day wear that hat it’s something that I have worn every single day that I have been on is a watch and our sponsors today even Cerro has a right watch for every occasion think about this for a second your date will be analyzing every little detail about you for the next few hours in a watch is a month it’s their responsibility for be mature for being on time it shows that you’re responsible adults if you’re looking for a watch those stand out and bring your outfit together without breaking the bank zero is the way to go their watches are versatile and they have so many different affordable options so you can get a watch that looks and feels expensive but really only cost about a hundred Bucks plus it really doesn’t matter if you fifteen or forty because their watches are timeless the crow no es in matte black is my current favorite he goes with so many outfits regardless of the occasion as you can see these watches look great on video and pictures but the look even better in person also one of my favorite things about this watch is that it’s affordable but your date won’t even know that she will probably think the spend way more on this baby then you actually get to the good news is that you can assume that you’re successful guy on the other hand she would definitely expect you to pay for dinner and everything else that night which which is fair with the war even so is look you guys up with a special discount to everyone you subscribe to my channel all you have to do is go to their website and use the code costs the to get your family discount I’m leave a link below.

With my favorite been Sir watches you can go take a look pick your favorites and let me know which ones that you’ve got the necklaces sunglasses rings those accessories can also take your outfit to the next level I always like to rock accessories I think it definitely accentuates everything would just be careful and don’t wear too many at the same time you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree next up the upscale date maybe it’s a trendy bar or lounge or a fancy restaurant most of these are four in night time they’re not daytime outfit so keep that in mind and to be honest this is my favorite type of date because it allows you to stand out with your style right you can just up a little bit more than if you’re going to just an outdoor casual date my go to outfits for something like this would be a dark washed denim for sure usually solid black or sometimes dark gray would work really well too I go for Bruce like these you’re from All Saints for these from common projects and a hoodie in leather jacket combo if the weather allows for it if you’re going to be edgy right but a T. shirt and jacket crumble like this year it works just as well the glasses definitely add a nice touch here saying that you’re a bad **** for wearing all black but you also have the brains if you wanna go less on the edgy side and warned the smart side of things then I would go for a white Oxford which is super clean and classic like this one here cropped trousers that show a little bit of ankle looked dealt with this outfit and will make your loafers also stand out definitely don’t forget a coat if it’s cold where you live otherwise there’s no need for it the white Oxford shirt is enough it looks good last but not least I really like this look here as well because of stress see without the need to wear a shirt or a tight underneath the jacket basically you can get away with wearing just the T. underneath if your tea is a high quality piece or has some texture to it and these last two outfits are also good for the next type of date that will be discussing my least favorite type of dates to be honest with you guys it is the dinner dates.

Had a family members house you don’t get me wrong these can be fun sometimes all right but first dates are hard enough and you add the pressure of being in front of other family members that you haven’t even met yet or meeting meeting the mom or the dad is a cousin of the uncle it’s a lot to take some of that pressure off by a least knowing for a fact the you are dressed to impress I think the white Oxford shirt is great for this occasion navy slim fit trousers with nice leather brown shoes will also go really well here and don’t forget you watch you know show them that you’re an adult you’re responsible and you’re not some little kid wearing a supreme T. easy’s for at least make them think that in the beginning and then I would say the Supreme tea is actually fair game after a few dates with lots of options for you guys depending on your personal style and that is what is most important your personal style guys if you made it this far thank you so much for watching don’t forget to leave a comment let me know which of these outfits was your favorite and of course subscribe to become part of the U. to family my Instagram is that I was cost if you wanna go give me a follow thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you again soon thank you.