Top 10 men facial style

Top 10 men facial style | Best stylish beard

You’re thinking seriously there’s no way this beer trend men facial style can get any bigger well hold up guys I’m sorry to disappoint you but this beer trend is just getting started over the last decade the average man has gone from shaving three point seven times a week to three-point two times a week used to be if you were sport a beard you were viewed as less professional that’s not the case any more facial hair is here to stay and in today’s video on break about ten styles that you need to know.

Top 10 men facial style | Best stylish beard
Top 10 men facial style | Best stylish beard

Coming in at number ten we’ve got the faded beer now this particular star requires the facial hair to be cut and blended in to the hairstyle precisely over the centuries baby beers have come in and out but over the last five years they been trending and what’s interesting about the faded beard is actually where do you want to put the fact you can actually put it right up here near the sidelines or you could even move it down now no matter where you put the fade this style is not for the faint of heart it requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance we’re talking going your barber at least once a week this style is on point I absolutely love it and I think this year it’s going to continue to track coming in at number nine we’ve got shaped stubble so what’s the difference between stubble and shape stubble stubble you forgot to shave that’s an accident shapes double there is intense her you know what look you’re going for and you use a pair clippers to get that he said to about one point three maybe one point five and you go over getting that perfect stubble look now struggle used to have a negative connotation with it cartoons in the nineteen thirties depicted the out of work man as having stubble the recent research I’ve read though shows this association is no longer the case in fact stubble is viewed as the most attractive of all the facial hair styles so if you want to look good for the ladies and not spend too much time on your facial hair shaved stubble is the way to go not just with always facial hair styles I’m sure with you today here’s one thing in common with all of you need a good quality trimmer to get the look chance if you can be grown a beard growing a moustache trimming your facial hair you need to check out today sponsor that’s brio and this is their beards gate it is the ultimate tool to manage when you’ve got a full beard or you got a five o’clock shadow going guys this is going to be able to do what needs to be done just what I love about the beard scape is precision they’ve got blade height from one to one point three to one point six one point nine millimeter in addition they got guards from one millimeter to eighteen millimeters so no matter what the length of your beard is you’re gonna be able to use this tool.

To get the job done it’s got five speed settings responsive controls and an informative display all wrapped into a compact travel size it uses a ceramic blade that’s four times harder than stainless steel and is quieter than male and in fact the beard scape is one of the quietest trimmers available anywhere and let’s talk about that battery charge he has a ridiculously long battery life so if you’re gonna travel you only have to take the charger with you this thing could last for months German all went into the real beard skate down in the description this video use that link it’s the best deal we gonna find out there we tested this here in the office and a number of my guys they have full beers run through this tried out it’s an amazing tool I’m proud to bring you to that link with the best you’re going to find out there is not gonna be around forever so usually guys are losing so coming in at number eight I know some you guys are not going to like this but the beard stash so what is a beard stash okay so you can imagine a very light beard and pretty much just past the stubble and then you let that mustache continued to grow out so was I alluded to it’s a very polarizing style some people are gonna love it some people are gonna hate it but it really depends on you or you can wear with confidence coming in next we’ve got the battles made popular by my friend Eric this is going to be a full beard style now the battle to similar in style to a lot of the other styles out there but it goes well beyond the twenty centimeter mark now what I love about the ban told his if you’re not happy with your job along your chance this is going to be a pure child’s can do a good job of covering all that up it doesn’t require that much maintenance sure you got to run a beard oil three got a comment but trimming your to do it’s a minor amount of training here or there but overall this is gonna be something the is a great style the bad side it takes almost a year to grow next up we’ve got the classic Van **** yeah the Van **** is been going in and out of style since the seventeenth century so there was a painter Van **** any painted the guy kind of famous back then it was Charles the first of England and he was wearing this particular style it caught on everyone started imitating nowadays we see guys like Christian bale David Beckham.

Pulled off still so the big adventure the Van **** is it gives shape to a face relatively quickly so if you don’t like your jaw line you got a round face this is something you can bring in you can start to implement yeah the bad thing about the Van **** it does require a lot of maintenance so make sure to get some good clippers and have good up keep with this style next up let’s talk about the go to the go to has a great style to start with because below to go to we’ve got many sub stops the sub styles really cater to men whose facial hair is gonna grow differently so the first up and growing a beard is obviously to let their hair grow a lot of you guys though I know it’s gonna be difficult especially around the neck special run maybe the site but to go to you something you can try you can go for it’s a more limited area so right now we’re not gonna shave here you’re gonna go through week one week two week three week four and it’s it week for the you’re gonna look at this go T. she basically you’ve got now a circle beard you’ve got the basis of a goatee not for some of you guys to have a full growth you have no patches right here this just looks great as is you could decide Hey I’m gonna keep this circle beard I’m gonna go with this go T. as is now some of us are going to be on the other side we’re gonna be less than impressed about what grew over the last four weeks on her face and we’re gonna have to face the realization okay do I want to let it continue to grow out or do I want to go for a style that actually compliments and works with the inner slower growing here there’s a wide variety of sub go T. styles you could try to pull off depending on where your facial hair is actually growing and that leads us to our next hour which is three pieces all in one we got the mustache we’ve got the soul patch and we’ve got the chin beard so for this guy again he’s having difficulty growing a beard he’s tried growing a beard and he just gets basically hairless patches on his cheek maybe on his neck and this just does not look good he really wants also something’s gonna give a bit more shape to his face this is a great style for you next up we’ve got the Garibaldi style to the garb all the style is a wide full beard with the integrated mustache in around the bottom it is a full.

Long beard but not nearly as long as many of the other variants out there it usually stops at about twenty centimeters now the Garibaldi requires regular means especially around the bottom of the beard were you want that rounded appearance and what’s great about the Garibaldi it works with almost any face shape so coming in at number two we’ve got the uniform beard now the characteristics of the uniform beard is it’s uniform all the way around they’re relatively shorter beards now this beard style is great for a wide range of face shapes and what’s interesting is of all the beard styles out there this is considered one of the most professional so if you’re looking for a beard style to start where to the office consider the uniform beard and coming in at number one on my list the short also known as the box beard so really quick let me explain why I write this beard number one so this beard styles been going in and out of fashion for over two thousand years seriously they got back and identified this is a beard style that Roman officers in emperors locked next up this beard style doesn’t require much here which is great news for guys it’s difficult to grow a beard so within a few weeks you can have something that’s working even if you’ve got bare patches right here on the cheek or around the jawline around the chin you let that hair grow out you may be keep a little bit more trim and this style is still going to work for and next up these beer styles easy to maintain you don’t have to go to a barber you can do this yourself for the pair clippers and a guard so what what’s next check this pretty well ten colognes that make you more attracted to women guys went and did the research we found fragrances that women absolutely love go check out this video next.